How we listen


Tell us your story

This is a safe haven for women and men to be published.  We want to hear your story. If it involves abuse, or if it involves stopping abuse, we want to hear it.  We will only edit for grammar and misspelled words and send it back to you for approval before it is published.     

Send a photo

Choose a photo to use that does not show your face but represents something that feels good to you.  It can be reading, running, swimming, or whatever you decide.  We will not publish a photo that shows your face unless you prefer it.  Please do not show any logos in your photo.     

We will publish

We will publish your story on our web page, on our Facebook page, and when requested, on other news sources.  We will ask you for a release for your story so that it can be shared for the benefit of others.  Your story will never be shared without your consent.

At your discretion, we will offer our readers an opportunity to ask you questions through a safe format. It will be similar to Ask Me Anything (AMA) but in a safer, moderated format.  Again, participation in an AMA is completely at your discretion.